In 1960’s, NASA developed the visco elastic memory form in order to reduce the load and pressure on the spinal column of astronauts during their travels. This product has been presented to the industry years later. Our company takes this chance and presents you the Aurafix collection, which you will spend 8 hours in a day with. These products are manufactured and certified in accordance with European Standards.
  • The pillows produced using the viscose elastic memory form are sensitive to body temperature, pressure and ambient temperature.
  • The products support the neck and waist cavity fully.
  • It helps your spinal column to remain in a proper line while sleeping.
  • It helps you sleep comfortably all night.
  • It reduces involuntary motion by 80%.
  • Minimizing the pressure, it regulates blood flow and eliminates joint pain.
  • It helps removing problems such as stiff neck, lomber pain and arm numbness.
  • It is hygienic, non-allergenic and free of carcinogens.