Varicose Formation

In the lower extremity venous system, deep veins are the main drainage system. In the venous circulation, the veins which are on our legs have to function in opposite direction to gravity when they send the blood to the lungs. This system is provided with functioning of leg muscles and one way valves. However, over time this mechanism may be damaged on some of the individuals depending on a variety of reasons. This situation causes excessive expansion of veins and eventually the valves can not fulfill their functions properly.

Thus, on the whole leg, especially in the lower part of it , ‘varicose veins’ are developed which is characterized by balloon-like bulge under the skin. Varicose veins usually pose problems along with appearance and aesthetic, in case they are not treated proceeding they may also bring serious health issues. Drug-free, painless method of a treatment of varicose veins is to use ‘compression stockings’.